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Jonola Canasta as featured on Channel 9 Extra

One day in January 2005 we received a phone call from a young lady.  She told us how she had enjoyed her recent holiday playing Jonola Canasta with her Aunt in North Queensland. She ordered a game for herself and asked us to post it to her work address.

When she received the game she dropped it on her manager’s desk, told her it was a great game and suggested that she do a story on it. Her manager happened to be the producer of Brisbane TV Channel Nine’s lifestyle program “Extra”. This was our lucky day! Can you imagine our surprise and delight when we got a call from her? Can we do a story on your game Jonola Canasta? Can we come tomorrow? We were delighted and very excited.

They wanted to film some people playing the game so we asked the residents of Cleveland Gardens (who play the game regularly) and they were very obliging. The “Extra” crew spent an hour or so at their village filming them and then came to our place where they interviewed us. We were very nervous and there were many “takes” but eventually they left appearing a lot more confident than we were feeling. 

It featured on the show the following night and the result was a credit to the staff at Channel Nine. We were very impressed with the way they put the segment together and made us all look like we’d been posing for television for years!

We were overwhelmed by the response from viewers. Within minutes of the segment going to air the phone started ringing with people wanting to buy the game.

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