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Contact Us

  • You are welcome to contact us at any time by phone, email or snail-mail. 
  • All questions are worthwhile, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem. 
  • Your feedback in the past has helped us develop in areas of which we were previously unaware.
  • It’s nice to be dealing with real people and we have discovered that people who play cards are genuine and sincere
  • Communicating with our players has become one of the most rewarding aspects of this work.

- Garry & Bonnie Royle

Jonola Industries
PO Box 2076
Australia 4173

Phone: (07) 3890 3826

Email: info@jonola.com
Website: www.jonola.com

International Phone: +61 7 3890 3826



Q. Is there a store near me where can I buy the game?

Unfortunately we don’t have a list of stockists.  We sell to wholesalers and they distribute to the retail stores.

The game is available in some newsagents and games stores in Australia and New Zealand.

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